About Josh

By Cali

Josh was born confident. He has no fear of what others think of him so he is a very outgoing person. He is a crowd pleaser and great with large groups. He is absolutely amazing at public speaking and did so a lot through high school and college.
He makes me laugh (or roll my eyes) every day and is so much fun to be around. I am not sure he will ever grow up- but in a good way! He is spontaneous and loves to laugh. His laugh is also the most contagious one you will ever encounter.
He is so forgiving, which in turn also means he does not judge. He is a great Dad and Husband, always concerned about our welfare and takes pride in being the one to take care of the family. Whenever Oakland hears him coming home she hides in a new place around the house and thinks it's hilarious as he scrambles to try and find her. Camden on the other hand, runs to the door to try and "fight" or wrestle with him.

He is calm in scary situations or when under pressure and helps others feel peace when needed. He is the Young Men's President for our ward. He has a bachelors degree in Construction Management and works at a company that builds waste water treatment plants.

You can normally find Josh watching Sports Center with a snack, reading books to the kids or working in the yard. He also loves to play baseball, work in the garage, collect tools (I think he uses them? :) ), go jeeping and play with our dogs, Brutus and Bixie. Josh is also the spontaneous one in our relationship and the one that will go to Lagoon and Seven-Peaks and ride every ride. He is my best friend, he's kept me strong and going in so many situations and will always be the love of my life.

Age: 30
Height: 6'5"
Hair Color: dirty blond
Eye Color: hazel
Job: Project Engineer at a Construction company that builds waste water treatment plants.
Favorite Drink: Mountain Dew (Which Cali thinks is gross!)
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Book: How to Win Friends and Influence People
Favorite TV Show: Seinfield and Sports Center
Favorite Movie: Forest Gump
Josh is the second youngest of 7 children. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Josh comes from a very athletic family and most of them have been involved in sports their entire lives. They are all a huge support to each other, attending college games, social events for their sports, children's activities, etc. We are currently all living in Utah (except for Josh's youngest Sister and her Husband) so family get-togethers are so much fun (and sometimes crazy and loud)! We love having BBQ's, playing in Josh's parents back yard, jeeping, laughing and talking. We have 7 nephews and 5 nieces (almost half of them are adopted!) and we love to play together.

Josh's parents (Papa Hink and Granny Goose) 

Family fun
More recent picture of Josh's family, minus his younger Sister and her hubby


Uncle Ike is the best story teller!

Josh's brother wrestling Cali's brother
Cousin Brody and Aunt Rachel at Oak's graduation

Granny and Papa Hink's back yard is where all the fun happens!

Josh's sister and 2 brother-in-laws with us in Moab

Ike and Amy (Josh's brother and sister in law), Oakland, and our oldest niece Zyan getting pedicures

The grandkids doing the nativity for Christmas

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