About Camden

Camden  turned 4 in May and is the smallest ball of happiness you will ever meet. Smiling, laughing and trying to get other people to do the same must be his goals in life. He loves other "babies" and always wants to kiss and hug them (and sometimes tackle them in the nicest way possible). Cam always waves to strangers on our outings and lights up if someone notices him.  He carries a baseball bat around the house and wants to play catch with anyone who will give him a seconds time. Wrestling is a new found joy for him and if you lay on the floor, he is sure to be on you giggling like crazy.

Camden enjoys watching his cousins play and just recently learned that boy cousins enjoy everything he does! (i.e. dirt, throwing things, wrestling and being loud) He loves every minute with his grandparents and requests to go to their houses often!

He also loves to run around the house and climb on any stool or chair within his reach. He plays dirt, rocks and other "manly" (?) objects and thinks it's hilarious to be dirty. Dinosaurs and cars are his toy preference and with the recent discovery of bikes and scooters, I think we will be busy this summer! He loves bath time and thinks it's hilarious to splash Oakland. 

Age: 4 years old
Height: small and adorable
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Adopted: yes
Job: He loves to keep us all smiling and laughing every second of every day.
Favorite Drink: Juice and Milk
Favorite Food: Crackers, cookies, dried noodles (he calls them his noods), and candy.
Favorite Book: Any with pictures
Favorite TV Show: PJ Masks
Favorite Movie: How to Train your Dragon, The Good Dinosaur, Cars.

Pictures of Camden:

Papa Joe

Camden LOVES his blankie (pictured below) and cries in the laundry room while it washes!


Always wrestling

Nanny and Papa

This is the lake by our house

Oakland and Camden's great- Grandma

This is at the lake by our house

Uncle Alex

Our open adoption
It's hard to put into words how I feel about Camden's birth parents. They are some of the most selfless people I have ever met and are so loving and giving. When we first adopted Camden we agreed to have an open adoption and just play it by ear on how they were feeling and how involved they wanted to be, as any amount of openness was good with us. We have gotten together most holidays (all the big ones) and even just random times to hang out and let the kids play (he has 8 half siblings). We text frequently and send pictures back and forth. They are very supportive with how we are raising Camden and he will always know them as Mama Tiph and Daddy Ryan. They play a huge role in his life and Camden (as well as our other kids) will always know the deep gratitude and love I feel towards their birth parents. Oakland adores them as well and loves to hang out with "our extended family". Feel free to click here to read more about his birth/adoption story.   http://calis2ndchance.blogspot.com/p/camden.html

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